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Amid some tough competition, the 2015 SOMC Skating Team dug deep and put on an amazing effort leaving it all on the ice in Johnstown during the Winter Games, The team captured the hearts of the audience and the respect of their peers and competing coaches in an effort that resulted in “some of the best skating we have seen this team bring to the Winter Games.

Family Information One Page Reference - Important for all Athletes and Families
Concussion Family Information_Feb2015 (2[...]
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Dear Volunteers. Special Olympics International has recently adopted a Concussion Awareness and Safety Recognition policy that requires ALL Special Olympics coaches/volunteers (certified or not certified) to get online training free of charge. This is in keeping of Special Olympics ongoing efforts to ensure the health and safety of all Special Olympics participants.  All Special Olympics participants should remember that safety comes first and should take reasonable steps to help minimize the risks for concussion or other serious brain injuries.

  • Effective immediately all NEW volunteer coaches must complete;
    • General Orientation (no renewal)
    • Protective Behaviors Training (every three years)
    • Concussion Awareness and Recognition (every three years)
  • From now through December 31, 2015 all CURRENT volunteer coaches (certified or not) must complete the Concussion Awareness and Safety Recognition online training.
  • There are two online courses you may use to become trained;
  • SOPA Recommended: National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion in Sports training course which is available at https://nfhslearn.com/courses/38000
  • The Center for Disease Control’s Heads-Up Concussion in Youth Sports training course, which is available at http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/online_training.html

*******We will continue to ask that all State Games coaches complete before attending Games and will continue to offer onsite Coaches Concussion Training at all State Games throughout 2015. Regardless of attending a State Games or not, all coaches/volunteers are required to complete this year. If not completed, they are ineligible to coach in 2016.

An additional component to SO’s concussion awareness is educating families and support systems. Once finalized, we will be sending further information to program leaders and all coaches with steps to ensure parents/guardians are provided information and acknowledge receipt. Please email sportstraining@specialolympicspa.org with specific questions.

Thank you,  SOPA Sports Staff

Summer Sports Camp? Already? Yes!

Click on the file below for the Sports Camp application.

Attached is the "Letter of Intent" for any athlete interested in Attending Sports Camp August 9-15, 2015. Please distribute to your athletes, as the athletes must return the "Letter of Intent" to the SOMC office by March 21st. Also, pass the information along to any volunteer who might be interested in chaperoning. Sports Camp is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time!! Chaperons are with athletes 24/7 (ok, we do get 2 breaks a day). The day begins around 6:30 (for the slow movers), and 7ish for others. We usually get to bed around 11 or so.... The day goes something like this: {This is a very general schedule}:  Wake athletes up


Primary Sport Training

Meet at Pavilion

Cabin - to prepare for afternoon sports


Rotate through different sports


Cabins - shower/etc.



Evening entertainment differs each night - Some of the past events have included: Get together activities, Movie Night, Talent Show, Farewell Dance, Carnival, Baseball Game, Camp Fire/Bon Fire, Wedding (Yes! A wedding). Need I go on - lots of fun things for all.

Bed (Whew)

If you or anyone you know is interested and have any questions, please have them contact me. Most (not all) athletes love this camp!  When an athlete asks you to sign their form, please do not sign if you do not think the athlete will make it through the whole week - it is extremely hard on everyone, if an athlete has to go home.

Meg Jones

SOMC - Head of Delegation

Sports Camp

mfjones822@verizon.net (preferred)


Sports Camp Letter of Interest
Sports Camp First Letter 2015.pdf
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