Coaches -- contact Scott Otterbein before you replace any uniforms. There are new Special Olympics International logo requirements for all competitors.

Quick reference guide for SOMC head coaches and site coordinators
This is where you can find the answers to questions on training, certification, fundraising, rosters, competition and more.
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Concussion Awareness, Protective Behaviors and General Orientation Requirements.

Special Olympics has instituted a requirement that all Class A Volunteers 16 and over must take Protective Behaviors Training and General Orientation (a one time requirement.)

Protective Behaviors on-line training must be completed every three (3) years. Here is the link to the General Orientation and Protective Behaviors:

You can choose one of two concussion awareness trainings at either the National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion in Sports training course available at or the Center for Disease Control’s Heads-Up Concussion in Youth Sports training course, available at These are free of charge. Save the PDF file certificate and email it to

Be A Coach

Coaches are an indispensable part of Special Olympics.  They provide not only the skills training, but also serve as role models and character builders.  Coaches give Special Olympic athletes a unique awareness of their worth, ability, courage, and capacity to grow and improve.
A coach's attitude directly affects the athletes.  Special Olympics believes that the athletic experience and camaraderie shared by teammates and coaches is what benefits athletes most.
If you accept the role of a Special Olympics Coach, you hold the key to a promising future for the athletes, as well as a rewarding future for yourself.

Coaches Philosophy


A Coach is an individual who assumes responsibility for athletes, actively trains athletes and coaches them in competitions.

To begin this highly rewarding experience, please visit:

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