Sports Camp 2023

Sports Camp will be held August 13-19 at Antiochan Village Summer Camp in Bolivar PA.  If you want to be considered, download the letter of interest form below. Please spread the word that we need additional coaches. 
Campers will be selected by random drawing.  Priority will be given to any athlete that has a volunteer sibling or parent attending camp for the week. All other athletes will be assigned a number. Depending on the number of coaches, and allocations
received, athletes will be assigned a spot from their number received in the random drawing!
Sports Camp is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time!! Chaperones are with athletes 24/7 (ok, we do get 2 breaks a day). The day begins around 6:30 (for the slow movers), and 7ish for others. We usually get to bed around 11 or so.... The day goes something like this: {This is a very general schedule}
Wake athletes up 
Primary Sport Training - outside for 2.5 hours
Meet at Pavilion 
Cabin - to prepare for afternoon sports 

Rotate through different sports - outside 2.5 hours
Cabins - shower/etc.
Evening entertainment differs each night 
Bed (Whew)

If you or anyone you know is interested and have any questions, please have them contact me. Most (not all) athletes love this camp! 
Athletes must be able to walk up and down hills without assistance. Please note that this is a walking camp and there are hills on the campus.

Athletes can not "rest" during the day either in the cabin or the Health Center.  This is a non-smoking camp!!
We want everyone to understand that they will be away from home and staying at the camp for a week and must have the stamina for the schedule described above, It is hard on everyone, if an athlete has to go home. 


If you or anyone you know is interested and have any questions, please have them contact our Head of Delegation Meg Jones,   


Sports Camp Athlete LOI
form to fill out for Sports Camp 2023
2023 Sports Camp Athlete LOI.docx
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